Review - Idolized #4

Rigged or not, reality shows have to have a conclusion. A final outcome, usually dictated by someone winning the entire thing. Idolized #4 from Aspen Comics is no different.

The title is written by David Schwartz, illustrated by Pasquale Qualano, colored by David Curiel and lettered by Josh Reed.

Joule found herself in quite a predicament at the end of the last issue. Powerless and thrust into a Hunger Games like scenario, she's still determined to see the competition through to the end, winning the ultimate prize. That takes care of the first third of the issue. The rest of the issue is a little more chaotic than the quick finishing battle and, needless to say, Joule doesn't make the impact on the Powered Protectors she was hoping to make.

There's only one more issue left in the Idolized mini-series and the fourth issue wraps up everything and puts Joule in position to confront Statis, whether or not its with the Powered Protectors remains to be seen. Schwartz definitely hurtled through the competition part of the series in the first few pages, instead wanting to get Joule in combat. It felt a little hurried considering the pace of the rest of the issues prior to the fourth.

The first three issues of the five issue series spent all the time focusing on the competition. It seems almost as if the fourth issue realized it needed to move on from the reality show aspect in order to get Joule against Stasis. It's not bad per se, but it feels a little rushed a third of the way through. Joule quickly learns though that reality isn't like the reality show and she's also got a lot to learn about fighting and staying alive.

Qualano's art is strong like the other issues. The combat is illustrated very well, allowing the powers to shine when available as well as the straight brutality to show as well. There are some scenes where some of the female characters showcase a little too much in the way of curves, but it's not overly distracting in the course of the comic.

Things are looking rather bleak for Joule. Despite winning the competition, she's struggling to make an impression on the Powered Protectors. Stasis is a grander opponent than Joule realizes and she'll have to really pull it together to finish things out on top. The series is moving to a riveting conclusion and it should be fun to see how it plays out.

Idolized #4 is in stores December 19 with interiors below.