Review - The Limits #1

If it's not zombies, it's vampires. If it's not vampires, it's witches. If it's not witches, it's werewolves. The list goes on and on of things that go bump in the night and have a way of crossing paths with humanity. In The Limits #1 from Broken Icon Comics, it's mainstreamed werewolves walking among us.

The first issue is written by James Maddox, with art by Kristoffer Smith.

Anya is something of a spark plug. She's been tested by her pack elder and passed with flying colors, besting the previous pack leader and taking control of the pack in San Diego. Heavy is the head that wears the crown though, as there are some within the pack intent on seeing Anya fail spectacularly. You know, because she's a woman and all.

Maddox's story isn't new or anything, but it's somewhat of a reset on the entire concept of supernatural entities adopting human patterns. True Blood probably takes that approach best, with the vampires requiring equality rights afforded humanity. Maddox has grounded the werewolves in a more urban culture. While True Blood takes place in the more rural areas of Louisiana, Maddox has dropped the werewolves smackdab in the middle of San Diego.

The art is very appropriate for a werewolf book. It's all grayscale in a sense, while still having a sheen to it. The werewolves are illustrated as both werewolf and human; transitioning between the two forms looks natural enough. The action scenes are sufficiently brutal, evidencing the expected feral nature of a werewolf battle.

The Limits #1 is an interesting first issue. Mainstreaming werewolves is something that's yet to be played out and inserting the possibility for deeper meaning in the saga is nice. It's something worth taking a look at if you're a fan of werewolves.

The Limits #1 is available now.