Review - Princeless Volume 2 #1

Believe it or not, women can do any thing that men can do. I's crazy. Now that the sarcasm has seeped away, it's time you perked your ears up for some news of a powerful woman with a tendency to be full of fire. That's right: Princeless Volume 2 #1 is nearing release from Action Lab Comics.

The first issue in the second volume is written by Jeremy Whitley and illustrated by Emily Martin.

The issue starts rather ominously, with the King seeking a warrior capable enough of killing both the knight who abducted Adrienne and Sparky the dragon who "abandoned" his post in the process. The challenge invites a wide array of knights and warriors, all of whom are known for different skills and abilities. The rogues frighten both the prince and queen.

Meanwhile, Adrienne and Bedelia continue their quest to find Adrienne's sister Angelica. Angelica is the first of her sisters she wants to free and empower to be an independent woman. The duo come across a poet named Roderick Loverlorn who is seeking the love of his life and of course their paths will cross in the voyage. And Sparky still has a thing with people getting too close to Adrienne, proving that there's still a need to protect her.

Whitley's lost none of the charm that the first series included. Adrienne sort of took a backseat as far as a character goes, with Bedelia, the King and Roderick all seeming to be at the forefront of the issue more so than the main character. That's not a bad thing really, as it fleshes out the universe more and more. Bedelia could support her own comic down the road and Roderick looks to be at least an interesting character. Further, the warriors will likely show some interesting mixing and matching as well.

Martin's art continues to fit the writing exceptionally well. It's vibrant and well done, showing an adventurous spirit that matches that of the writing. It's consistent as far as style with the first volume, ensuring a continuity between volumes and look. It even looks almost as if Martin has improved this time around, making everything just look that much better.

Princeless Volume 2 #1 picks up right where the first volume left off. Adrienne is back and as feisty as ever, matched only by Bedelia and Sparky, her dragon. The adventures feel comfortable and readers of the first volume will be able to pick right up where they left off. The first issue deserves to be checked out, as it continues one of the best all-ages comics out right now.

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