Review - Sleepy Hollow #3

Getting your head cut off might just ruin your day right. For an undead killer who hails from the bloodline of the famous Headless Horseman, losing one’s head goes right in with the story as you seek revenge. With Sleepy Hollow #3 from Zenescope you get to see what turn this new take on an old tale.

The issue is written by Dan Wickline, with art by AC Osorio, colors by Erick Arciniega and letters by Jim Campbell.

Craig Marsters begins to get his revenge on the guys who put him on the train tracks and watched his head come flying off. In this issue you get to see how the guilt is eating away at Craig’s friend Ty about the poor prank and subsequent murder he took part in. Ty is having a normal response to the tragedy, compared to the other guys who took part and don’t really seem to care all that much about the fact they killed someone and got away with it.

Heads flying off is what this comic is all about and with this issue we get just that. It felt like Wickline infused the first two issues with too much backstory and general story, but now finally all that build-up has led to some people getting killed quite gruesomely. The first two issues felt like they dragged a little, but now things are ramping up and getting more intense.

Osorio's pencils are pretty good with the dark, bloody and overall evil tones that go throughout. Arciniega's colors are a bit more prevalent in the issue, ensuring that the reader sees the shift in mood and atmosphere. The color shifts a bit to the events at night, reminding you that the series is done holding back.

With one issue left in the four-part series, it's likely a lot of people will meet their end in the last issue. Sleepy Hollow #3 is definitely worth a read if you've been invested in the first two issues, as this is one fairy tale that will not end happily for a lot of people in it.

Sleepy Hollow #3 is in stores January 2.