Review - Archer & Armstrong #6

Geomancers are rare in this world, so everyone will go to great lengths when one shows up. What makes a Geomancer even more powerful is their ability to endure, as evidenced by the latest one in Archer & Armstrong #6 from Valiant Entertainment.

The issue is written by Fred Van Lente, illustrated by Emanuela Lupacchino, inked by Guillermo Ortega and colored by Matt Milla.

When Kay McHenry isn't a high-power spokesperson for a powerful oil company, she's having flings with people of opposite viewpoints and struggle to keep plants alive. Life as a well-paid executive doesn't quite compensate for the late nights Kay's forced to keep, late nights which lead to a less than desirable direction for her. Meanwhile, Archer, Armstrong and Armstrong's brother Gilad are desperately seeking the Geomancer's successor.

While this issue was relatively light on the Archer and Armstrong, but the story is still phenomenal. The bulk of the issue is focused on Kay's newfound importance and while the main characters are pretty scarce, they're still awesome. Kay's role and the other characters allow the story to touch on everything from pirates (specifically Blackbeard) to global warning to the 1%. Van Lente keeps up the lighthearted tone in the book, despite the gravity of the stakes.

Lupacchino's pencils are wide-ranging. He manages to make Blackbeard look intimidating and tea with a monkey extremely intriguing. The fight scenes are illustrated well, effortlessly showing the myriad of fighting styles on display. Kay takes center-stage in the issue and she's depicted in such a way that the reader can fully understand her lifestyle. The underwater scenes are drawn so crazily that they actually make sense in a weird way.

Not many comics can strike the tone that Archer & Armstrong #6 manages, effortlessly delivering humorous punchlines and quality action. Again, even though the main characters aren't really in the comic, their presence still acts as an undercurrent in the comic, reminding you that they're still doing their thing. The title is one of the best that Valiant is offering in their strong line-up and definitely worth your time.

Archer & Armstrong #6 is in stores now with interiors below.