Review - Comeback #3

Time travel takes you, well, all over time. Very rarely though does that travel involve going back and preventing deaths for the right cost. That typically comes with a slew of warnings about time paradoxes and wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff. You need a company like Reconnect in Comeback #3 from Image Comics to manage it all.

The issue is written by Ed Brisson, illustrated by Michael Walsh, colored by Jordie Bellaire and lettered by Brisson.

Mark Thomas is an agent sent back in time to rescue Kelly, the wife of a man with the means to save her. The problem is, he loses her. What's more is that his partner Seth is missing and he's alone when the request comes through to kill an FBI agent. The murder will serve a greater purpose in saving Reconnect, on the brink of being shut down.

Brisson really has a handle on the time travel thing. He's got people moving backwards and forwards, all of them having different motives at different times. There are double crosses, harsh interrogations and corporate preservation. All of these roll up into one stellar story that moves along as quickly as traveling through time.

That might be the one minor gripe about the issue (and series as a whole). Brisson burns through the story at a fevered pace, making it a little difficult to keep up. It's not that it's undecipherable or anything, but reading Comeback requires some focus and commitment from the reader. It's a smart read and it demands your attention.

Walah's art provides a certain grittiness that works well with the story. He relies heavily on shadows and a lack of detail to effectively showcase the story as it unfolds. Bellaire's colors are a good match as well, as their muted tones help with the pulpy feel of the book. The art works just enough where it supports the story as opposed to supplanting it.

It's likely that Comeback will make its way to the big screen, but as it stands right now the third issue continues a fantastic story. Time travel is hard to tell effectively and Brisson handles it with aplomb. The intrigue surrounding Reconnect and the agents is interesting and buttresses the overarching theme of traveling time to "fix" mistakes.

Comeback #3 is in stores now with interiors below.