Review - Criminal Macabre: Final Night #2

Ghouls and zombies don't like each other. Maybe it's because they're competing for the same food source, maybe it's because they're competing for sleeping space. Or maybe it's because a vampire wants to bring mankind to its knees as in Criminal Macabre: Final Night #2 from Dark Horse Comics.

The book is written by Steve Niles, illustrated by Christopher Mitten, colored by Michelle Madsen and lettered by Nate Piekos of Blambot.

Cal wants the Feds to focus on vampires, but to this point they've really thought nothing more of them. That is, until Eben Olemaun made an appearance, seeking to end both mankind and ghouls. Cal and Alice are working to uncover what's really going though with both the FBI and Eben. There's a lot more at play than just crime-solving.

Niles knows his stuff. He does a great job in presenting the upcoming war among humans, ghouls and vampires, ensuring that there is mistrust all around. That mistrust leads to all-out war, encouraged by Eben seeding his army. He's got his vampires doing whatever he asks, which doesn't bode well for ghouls and Cal.

The fact that Cal and Alice are starting to become a little more than partners will prove to be useful in the war. The two of them even get a chance to test their mettle against a vampire invasion and Eben's short temper and desire to kill just about everyone. Adding in ghouls complicates things for everyone, but Niles handles it very well and ensures that no faction gets too much attention or becomes a distraction.

Mitten's art fits the story very well. It handles the gore without being overtly in your face about it, relying instead on quick, violent panels to get the message across. There's one full-page panel that depicts a swath of bloody destruction and it's pretty awesome. The book is all about vampires and ghouls, both of whom are sufficiently frightening when sharing the page.

Calling Criminal Macabre: Final Night #2 a fun crossover sort of undersells the intensity and depravity found within. There's a war brewing with humans caught in the middle (as always) and Eben won't stop until everyone that's not a vampire is dinner. It's a really enjoyable read that's easy to follow and boasts tons of blood and angry folks looking to get theirs.

Criminal Macabre: Final Night #2 is available in stores January 30.