Review - Executive Assistant Assassins #7

Nothing brings family together like international espionage, attempted assassinations and snow leopards. That's right, snow leopards as pets of assassins who are tied into international espionage. All of that and more is on display in Executive Assistants Assassins #7 from Aspen Comics.

The issue is written by Vince Hernandez, illustrated by Jordan Gunderson, inked by Mark Roslan, colored by Teodoro Gonzalez and lettered by Josh Reed.

Lily, Orchid and Aster unite to form a vengeful bouquet of assassins, hellbent on avenging Lilac and seeking out Mazutsu. The trio is intent on getting things resolved in a way that satisfies them, but the fly in the ointment happens to be Rose. Rose is another assassin who wants to stop all of the aforementioned assassins, prompting a visit to Lotus that brings out Iris as well.

It seems a like a lot is going on in the issue, but what it all boils down to is a lot of angry assassins at odds with one another. Hernandez has made Iris something of a matriarch of the family, knowing she's needed to be a peacekeeper among them. There's relatively little in the way of story advancement, with the biggest "revelation" involving the chips used to control the Executive Assistants.

Gunderson's art is reflective of the story: pretty simple and fast moving. The scenes don't show much in the way of specific detail, with many of the scenes focused on the characters instead of the backgrounds. Rose and Iris both really stand out among the other characters, their looks matching their personalities as characterized by their dialogue and fighting style.

The "Extinction Agenda" continues, with the Executive Assistants waging war amongst themselves to regain control of their individual fates. Iris makes the story much more exciting, although Rose is much more adventurous than the others. It's likely that not all the current Executive Assistants will survive the events of the crossover. Start placing your bets.

Executive Assistant Assassins #7 is in stores January 16 with interiors below.