Review - Executive Assistant: Iris Volume 3 #2

The Executive Extinction agenda presses on, with Iris at the center of it. It's a big deal in the Aspen universe, so it only makes sense that one of their marquis characters happens to be primary character throughout. The storyline continues in Executive Assistant: Iris Volume 3 #2.

The issue is written by David Wohl, illustrated by Alex Lei, colored by Teodoro Gonzalez and lettered by Josh Reed.

Iris and Rose square off not once, but twice in the second issue. It's a fairly matched battle between the two, as Rose is definitely more than capable enough of handling Iris (and vice versa). The two are fighting somewhat because of Lily, but primarily because Iris suspects Rose of being involved with the kidnapping of John Wheeler, the employer of Iris. After a knockdown, drag-out fight between the two, Iris learns who kidnapped Wheeler (a Russian named Tzvetomir Ivanov) and the return of another EA.

For an issue with very little in the way of dialogue, Wohl effectively makes action speak louder than words. The bulk of the issue features Lily and Rose getting out their frustrations with one another, culminating in Iris getting the information she required. That information brought her closer to Wheeler and saving him, but things are looking bleak. All of that is told through the unspoken words, with the key players acting a way that really tells the story.

That's the strongest part of the plot in the second issue. The characters and their backstories really come together well despite two-thirds of the issue being a fight. How Tzvetomir and Iris react the events at the end of the issue will be interesting and it's likely that the two won't share many conversations in the ensuing issues of the event. It's a story that pays tribute to the EA universe and its fans, while at the same time creating a new world for them to follow.

Lei's art is fairly nondescript. The fight scenes are shown with some decent detail, but some of the wider scenes that seem to be zoomed out look a little vague. Rose's anatomy is also a little overkill, with every panel of her showcasing her figure more than anything. Lei's art is consistent with his other Executive Assistant art, helping keep the universe feel cohesive.

Executive Assistant: Iris Volume 3 #2 keeps things going in the right direction for the story. Unfortunately, it's the wrong direction for Iris and her life, as the events of the series will change her life forever. How she reacts is worth checking out and makes for some very interesting reading. Iris is such a strong character and the premise behind the Executive Assistants is quite intriguing indeed.

Executive Assistant: Iris Volume 3 #2 is in stores January 30 with interiors below.