Review - Freelancers #3

Orphans get a bad break in life. How about giving them intensive martial arts training and the opportunity to take on freelance contracts for money? The thought sounds good in principle, until some of the members of the club turn against the others. See Freelancers #3 from BOOM! Studios.

The issue is written by Eriq Esquivel, illustrated by Joshua Covey, colored by Vladimir Popov and lettered by Pat Brosseau.

Val and Cass continue to reel from the revelations that have played out in the last two issues. Revelations focused on Katherine Rushmore, a former colleague-turned-traitor who has re-signed with Drachmann, their mentor. Drachmann wants to re-open the studios and command some of the most powerful freelancers there are, but in making his offer he has some secrets of his own about their shared past.

Esquivel keeps up the sassy dialogue among Val and Cass, with Katherine peppering in even more barbs. It's the dialogue that really carries the book, as the story is very similar to the Executive Assistant stories from Aspen Comics. The concept of turning orphans into martial artist freelancers is creative though and hopefully the third issue is leading up to something of a strong finish.

Covey's art spends most of the work focused on the characters. There's really little in the way of background detail, but there are some panels featuring 70s like action lines and effect. It grounds the comic in the campiness that it's emulating found in Charlie's Angels. The art is almost an homage to the style at the time, carrying over into the work and matching the dialogue well.

The ongoing series has some potential, showing off imaginative storylines in the first three issues. The third issue is a culmination of the past of Val and Cass, a past that possibly threatens to kill them if they're not careful. The fact that the next issue is advertised as "Stuff Gets Real" should be an indication that things will get even crazier and more exciting.

Freelancers #3 is in stores today with interiors below.