Review - Homecoming #3

High school is no picnic for most. It's not anymore exciting when aliens are thrown into the mix, despite what some students would tell you. Although, aliens in high school in Homecoming #3 from Aspen Comics do make for quite an interesting read.

The third issue is written by David Wohl, with art by Emilio Laiso, colors by Brett Smith and letters by Josh Reed.

Celeste continues her reunion with her mother Carla, both of them spending time sharing Earth stories and thanking Hunter, the human who's helped them both. There's a lot of high school action mixed in as well, culminating in an ending that's definitely aimed at being a twist. And don't forget the tryouts for the football team. Wouldn't be a story about high school without that.

Most of the third issue is about a typical day in high school, with Wohl including many activities that just about everyone in high school went through. Paul trying out for the football team and learning he has an inside track is a little late breaking considering there's only one issue left in the series. There are other scenes that take place in high school as well, most of which sort of seem like filler more than anything.

And then there's Celeste and Carla. The two have a strange relationship that's not quite typical of mother and daughter, with Carla clearly having an ulterior motive back at the house. Both are involved with the twist at the end, a twist that is a little predictable as you read the issue. It's not quite as mind-blowing as I'm sure it was intended to be, but it does set up an interesting fourth issue.

Laiso's art is consistent with the previous issues, effectively presenting high school and aliens. The sex appeal has been toned down a bit in the issue, with only one panel featuring Celeste getting her shirt ripped off slightly. The art actually has a really good comic book feel to it and handles the fight scenes very well.

The third issue of the mini-series sort of stalled for the most part as far as plot goes. There is the reveal at the end that's a little predictable, but interesting nonetheless. Celeste is the key to stopping the alien invasion and she's clearly going to have to go up against pretty big odds in order to be successful.

Homecoming #3 is in stores January 16 with interiors below.