Review - Last Night on Earth

Last Night on Earth sounds like it could be a movie title for one awesome zombie film right? In this case, it's the title of one awesome board game brought to you by Flying Frog Productions that takes the thrill of fighting zombies and surviving the night to a whole new level. The people at Flying Frog took their time with this to give you the best possible game with tons of enjoyment.

In Last Night on Earth you play as either heroes or zombies with different scenario types on how to win the game. It can be played by 2-6 people and zombie and human numbers are determined by how many players you have. Some of the scenarios are pretty cool like defend a house, find fuel for a truck to make your escape or the general one called Die, Zombies Die, where the heroes have to kill a certain number of zombies before the sun comes up.

The board and the game pieces are the real prizes as the creators have done some quality work to make the game play a lot cooler and fun. The board that all the action takes place on can actually be different each game you play, as the game comes with a center piece and 6 L-shaped pieces that can be interchanged and moved around. Between various board configurations and a number of expansions out there, this game will keep you entertained for hours.

Zombies and hero figures are pretty cool as well, with each hero figure looking different to match their character cards with great detail. You can go the dedicated route and paint them up too if you want that can make the game more personalized. By default though, the zombies come in green and orange to separate whose zombies are whose (if you're playing with two people as the zombies).

My only knock on the game is that the directions are a bit wonky to follow, as some parts could have been a little clearer. The first time I played it I had to look it up on YouTube just to get a better explanation of the rules. That made the game tons easier to play and a lot more fun. Once you get going though and play it you get a feel for how the game goes and can enjoy it even more.

Last Night on Earth can be enjoyed by all once you get the logistics down. If you're big on tabletop gaming I would highly suggest picking this one up.