Review - Non-Humans #2

When that teddy bear in your room starts talking and making a move, he's either Ted, the lovable (but crass) bear of the same name from the recent movie, or he's a non-human, a new biological entity in the comic of the same name. Image Comics has released the second issue of Non-Humans and man do things really get out of hand.

The issue is written by Glen Brunswick, illustrated by Whilce Portacio, lettered by Rus Wooten and colored by Brian Valeza.

The issue opens with Detective Aimes catching up with the ventriloquist puppet, who's not really good at throwing voices, but excels at throwing live ammunition the way of his recently murdered partner. On top of that, he's still working to get along with Eden, a burgeoning relationship that really accelerates after a visit to the home of retired actress Molly Wentworth. Their camaraderie will be necessary if they want to contend with the freshly revealed villain.

The concept of inanimate objects usually comes with a tinge of existentialism and Non-Humans #2 is no exception. Brunswick continues to infuse the story with the concept that previously inanimate objects are coming to terms with their newfound existence. Of course, this has led to battle lines being drawn, with some supporting the non-humans and those who don't.

There's a bunch of reasons why you would side for or against the non-humans, all of which are valid to an extent. Brunswick humanizes Aimes a bit in this issue, explaining his fear of King Kong being tied to a monkey coming to life as a child. That monkey was born of his own rage, making him a character who has every reason to hate non-humans, yet tolerates them to an extent.

Portacio's art is strong. Emotions pour from the characters' faces, both humans and non-humans. It helps reinforce the dystopia that Los Angeles has become, with non-humans fighting to become more than just a novelty. Wentworth looks sufficiently evil and a lot of the fight scenes are intense, replete with explosions, wounds and blood.

The burgeoning war between humans and non-humans takes a step forward in the second issue. Non-humans aren't content with being relegated to the shadows and regulated, while Aimes and Eden might actually start getting along. They'll likely go up against a wounded army of non-humans, which should make for some exciting reading.

Non-Humans #2 is in stores now with interiors below.