Review - Shadowman #3

Mr. Twist is a vile, hateful being comprised of flesh and spite. That doesn't make him any less interesting and his actions any less malevolent. That's ok though! Because it makes for fantastic reading in Shadowman #3 from Valiant Comics.

The issue is written by Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher, illustrated by Zircher, colored by Brian Reber and lettered by Rob Steen.

Jack Boniface's days continue to get worse from a craziness perspective. Seemingly in safe hands with Dox and Alyssa, he quickly learns that the hands of Mr. Twist are even less safe, as the evil being is hellbent on denying Jack's rightful place as the next Shadowman. After quite a contentious battle and a hostage being taken, Jack is forced to find out if he's got what it takes to be the being he's slated to be.

The story sort of take a little breather in the third issue, with Jordan and Zircher using it as a chance to further establish Jack as something of a reluctant hero. He's gradually coming to terms with his being "chosen" for the role of Shadowman, yet there's still something in him holding back his true potential. It's likely that roadblock will be removed and Mr. Twist won't like the result.

Zircher's art continues to remain up to the task of the writing. There's a really strong two-pager that is chock full of an angry Mr. Twist going at it with Jack, Dox and Alyssa. Who (or what) really steals the show artistically though is Jaunty, a voodoo monkey who talks in riddles and possibly false assurances. He's a character full of craziness and the way he's depicted is very much in line with Shadowman himself.

The third issue of the series really primed Jack to become the Shadowman with no inhibitions. Alyssa and Dox both need his help and it's up to him to become the hero. It's a relatively slow issue that really spends more time exploring Jack's reality, which will obviously go further in later issues. Shadowman can go up against just about anyone when he's fully unleashed, but getting to that point could be more than a challenge for Jack.

Shadowman #3 is available today with interiors below.