Review - Sleepy Hollow #4

When vengeance comes for you in the form of a headless horseman hellbent on taking your head, you best run. Sleepy Hollow #4 is out from Zenescope Comics and for those fools who took part in the death of Craig Marsters it's the end game for them. The last issue of the series brings all the blood, gore and head-chopping you could ask for, making it a grand finale issue.

The issue is written by Dan Wickline, illustrated by AC Osorio, colored by Erick Arciniega and lettered by Jim Campbell.

In the fourth issue the Headless Horseman waits no time in getting his vengeance on as he finds one guy in the locker room; needless to say he doesn't survive. When you talk about losing a head there is blood everywhere...and I mean everywhere. With two culprits down and two to go, the remaining two are freaking out and doing whatever they can to stay alive. The Headless Horseman can only exist within the town limits or at least that's how they hope it works for their sake. For vengeance no amount of distance will slow the Horseman down and I have to say this comic just goes bloodier and bigger.

This issue was my favorite by far as beside the heads go flying in this one with each kill the horseman has he is able to see into their pasts and learns more about why what happened to him came about. Showing Craig the truth about who was mastermind behind it all and giving him one more target that needs to see the face of vengeance in a matter of speaking. One of my past complaints with this series was the lack of action and when it comes to the Headless Horseman and with a few more headless people around they're rectifying that.

This issue is where the dark and overall gloomy artwork really shines, making the Headless Horseman pretty fearsome. With this entire last issue taking part in one night there's not a lot of sunlight to lighten the mood, but with a monster running around it isn't going to be all puppies and sunshine. The artwork just fits the tone and story of the issue to a T and brings the series to a close in one big hurrah issue.

An overall great last issue for this four part series and with vengeance over for those who wronged Craig, could he continue a rampage seeking justice? Another good series from Zenescope that has the potential to grow. Readers would look forward to it if they do decide to bring the Headless Horseman back for another ride.