Preview - Mean Team GN

If you're a team in the 2886 Death-Bowl, it helps to be mean. You'd have to be if men and machine are pitted against one another in a gladiatorial contest. In Mean Team GN from 2000 A.D., that's just the case. ‘Bad’ Jack Keller and his squad of hardened killers, known as the Mean Team, have racked up more wins than anyone else – their incentive being the hope of freedom. But team owner Richman Von is not so eager to lose him champions. So Jack, Amok the alien, Beester, the robotic Steelgrip and Henry Moon – the telepath trapped inside the body of a panther – will have to escape the arena and bring their battle out into the world.

The issue is written by John Wagner, Alan Grant, Alan Hebden and Hilary Robinson, with art by Massimo Belardinelli and Ron Smith, letters by Tom Frame, Tony Jacob, Steve Potter, Jack Potter and John Aldrich and a cover by Cliff Robinson. The book will set you back $21.99 when it hits stores on February 14 with interiors below.