Review - America's Got Powers #5

America's got powers! At least, some of America does, thanks to an event that granted youths with a variety of powers, all of which were harnessed and put on display for sport. The Powers are fighting back though, seeking control over their lives in America's Got Powers #5 from Image Comics.

The second to last issue is written by Jonathan Ross, with art by Bryan Hitch, inks by Paul Neary and Jason Paz, colors by Paul Mounts and lettered by Chris Eliopoulos.

Tommy has created quite a situation. He's realized what his power is and has used that to give the other Powers the ability (and incentive) to cause a rebellion against their captors. He's been brought into the lab, where Sarah Palin (not really) is using all manner of leverage to get Tommy to use his powers for her nefarious purpose, which involves a lot of bad things; specifically, using his powers to create an army under their control. Meanwhile, Professor Syell is present to guide Tommy through the event, leading to quite the cliffhanger.

There's only one issue left and Ross ensures that it's going to go out on a very high note. Tommy is the most powerful Power there is, despite his power being the ability to gift other people powers. The other Powers are running amok as well and Tommy is the catalyst for it all. He's become quite the pivotal character and Ross does a great job making him a hero readers can sympathize with. Tommy has been thrust into an unknown situation, one that requires him to quickly come to terms with position, a position that will likely lead to war. The series has transformed from a show about superpower youths to one about super-powered youths fighting back.

Hitch's art is nothing short of astounding. There are some great scenes with Bruce and Angie, running around as giants and enjoying it. He does a great job showcasing the scale of the giants, giving the reader a good look at the powers unleashed. There is a ton of action in the pages as well, which is very easy to follow and makes the book even better. Character faces are illustrated cleanly, giving the characters the requisite emotions needed to deal with the events transpiring. Even the David Tennant inspired character Professor Syall looks like Tennant, as does the Sarah Palin facsimile.

America's Got Powers is one of the best comics to come along in a while and the sixth issue has been set up to be ridiculous. Tommy's decision in this issue will have grander ramifications that will likely change the future for Powers and the country as a whole. The larger than life cliffhanger will really leave you edge, desperate to read what happens next in the alternate reality where superpowered kids were previously only good for ratings. Tommy has proven they're good for so much more.

America's Got Powers #5 is available now with interiors below.