Review - The Answer #2

What do you do if you've got an exclamation point on your face? Dash about the city via rope, manhole cover and plain old running. All that movement in the name of saving an extremely intelligent damsel in distress. All that action is in The Answer #2 from Dark Horse Comics.

The second issue is written by Dennis Hopeless and Mike Norton, with art by Norton, colors by Mark Englert and letters by Crank!.

The Answer is on the run in Cincinnati with Devin, the genius librarian he saved in the first issue. She's still a little taken aback by all of the recent events, while The Answer is dealing with waves upon waves of asylum nurses and orderlies. Dealing with all that "analysis," The Answer finds Devin taken for a ride where her intelligence is praised and The Answer finds himself in a slightly precarious situation.

There's a rather interesting misdirect in the second issue, with Hopeless and Norton presenting new surprises for Devin. The first issue featured Devin's intelligence at the forefront. The second issue features a desire for her intelligence at the forefront. She's faced with similar uncertainty as the first issue, but this uncertainty comes in a different form. She finally meets people who appreciate her intelligence and they're offering her the moon, only she may not be smart enough to see the truth.

Norton's art continues to impress. It's very reminiscent of The Tick and that's a compliment. The Answer is sort of a weird character based on appearance, but he's a lot deeper than his looks imply and Norton works to show the reader The Answer is willing to mix things up if necessary. Many of the action panels are presented very cleanly and really convey the full amount of the action. The characters contrast well with the backgrounds, allowing them to look as if they're jumping off the page.

The Answer #2 takes a turn that's not really expected. Devin and The Answer find that things aren't working out exactly as they originally planned and Devin's intelligence may be a bigger threat than prize. The Answer finds himself in a precarious position and the last panel reveals a potential villain at the top of everything. Devin is quicker than those around her actually realize and it's that quickness that will likely save her in the end.

The Answer #2 is in stores February 27.