Review - Bodie Troll #1

A good fairytale is generally the backdrop for a solid story. There's a lot of room for creative license and rather outlandish scenarios, usually resulting in an unlikely hero facing off against a beastly enemy. Bodie Troll #1 from Red 5 Comics is no exception.

The issue is written and illustrated by Jay P. Fosgitt.

In the fairytale village of Hagadorn lurks Bodie Troll. The fuzzy little grump wants to be big and crazy, but his cute and cuddly demeanor presents a problem in that regard. Fortunately for him, what he lacks in terror he makes up for in mischief. Fortunately for the village, where he lives becomes a saving grace when a giant monster threatens Bodie, the bar and the rest of the village.

The first issue of Bodie Troll reads with a very lighthearted sense of itself. It doesn't try to be anything too serious, instead recognizing that it's a rather childish fairy tale. Not childish in an immature sense, but childish in that Bodie Troll himself acts like a kid with a bigger sense of himself than what's actually there. That approach engenders him to the remainder of the village in a good way, as Bodie is a charming little troll with a penchant for saving the day when it's required of him.

The series is very reminiscent of Princeless from Action Lab. Both books have an innocent sensibility about them that lifts the tone to a rather carefree spirit. Bodie Troll wants to be bad, but no matter how hard he tries he can't. Further, the village loves Bodie and his adventures seem to be something that will really appeal to readers of all ages, especially children.

Fosgitt pulls double duty on art as well and the look is equally as bubbly as the story. Bodie is illustrated as somewhere between a gorilla and Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. The supporting characters also look lively and spirited, helping to foster a happy village, despite issues with monsters on occasion. While the art looks relatively kid friendly, it's actually incredibly detailed, evidencing a commitment on the part of Fosgitt to deliver a quality book.

Bodie Troll #1 is a rare comic that appeals to all ages and successfully entertains all ages. Bodie is extremely likable as a main character, even though he's meant to be a fierce troll. The townspeople love Bodie and really want the best for him, encouraging him even when he feels as if he's not quite cut out to be a troll. It's a solid first issue that bears keeping an eye on and reading when it hits stores.

The book is scheduled for a release date of April 17, with the Diamond Preorder Code FEB131119. Interiors below.