Review - Godstorm #4

The affairs of gods are never simple or resolved easily. Instead, they usually involve some brutal battle where powers are flung like rocks and the gods themselves tap into reserves saved for such occasions. Characters that are part-god have to learn on the fly and Julian is getting a crash course in Godstorm #4 from Zenescope Comics.

The concluding issue is written by Pat Shand, with illustrations by Jason Johnson, colors by Ben Sawyer and letters by Jim Campbell.

Venus has been revealed as someone manipulating Julian to get what she wants. What she wants is Julian to tap into his evil side as a god named Zagreua, a god with an axe to grind with his father Zeus. Both parts of Julian and Zagreus feel abandoned by Zeus (and rightfully so) and Zagreus taps into that rage to go toe-to-toe with Zeus, which is a little, ahem, shocking. The fight is about as rough and tumble as you would expect, with both Poseidon and Heather (the cover angel) showing up to say their pieces. Not only that, but we're also given a glimpse of the Being, who makes an appearance in spectacularly violent fashion.

Shand has put quite the punctuation on the series. The first three issues featured a somewhat aimless Julian, searching for his place in life as a bodyguard turned superhero. The final issue gives him a more concrete reason for being and tapping into a hatred for Zeus goes a long way in enabling him to fight the god of gods. It's a little difficult trying to discern whether Shand wants you to side with Julian/Zagreus or Zeus, as both present solid cases for their viewpoints. The problem is that Zeus isn't being used as a pawn to wage a war against humanity like Zagreus is.

One of the bigger (if not the biggest) reveals of the issue was that of The Being. The Being is poised to be the next big monster in the Zenescope universe, running amok throughout the upcoming Unleashed comics. His entrance really makes a statement and sets the tone for the type of monster he'll be: cold, calculating and little tolerance for failure. Mix in a personality prone to extreme violence and you've got yourself someone to be feared.

Johnson's art is consistent with the other issues and not overtly sexy. Venus is, of course, but it's Venus and sex is her bread and butter. Heather comes in with a fierce hammer toss and is shown handling herself well. In fact, Johnson handles himself well with all the fighting throughout the issue. The main fight pits god against god and Johnson makes sure to showcase the destruction and brutality of such a match-up.

With Godstorm #4, the series comes to a rather satisfying conclusion. There's enough left open that Zenescope could easily revisit it down the road and The Being is showcased as the next thing to be feared. Zeus wants to atone for being a bad father to all his children and there's no telling where Julian/Zagreus goes after the outcome of the final issue. Chances are he'll still be harboring some ill will towards his father, but only time will tell.

Godstorm #4 is in stores now.