Review - No More Heroes #4

It's all come to this. A whodunnit with a superhero's suicide at the center of it, prompting a frenetic sidekick to find out what really happened. The suspect is in custody and it looks like answers will be given. The answers might not be what's expected though in No More Heroes #4.

The issue is written by Gordon McLean, illustrated by Caio Oliveira and letters Kel Nuttal.

Sid and Black Fury have captured Jack Slaughter, the heartless villain seen as the prime reason for the death of Dark Justice. Who they find behind the mask is something of a surprise, as is the turn of events that ended with Dark Justice in a pool of blood on the floor and a bullet to his head.

McLean has been building up to this finale for a while and it's actually pretty satisfying. The series opened with the mammoth hook of a superhero killing himself as the result of a random response to a text message asking if he should. There's a swerve both in the issue and at the end, both of which really cement the story arc as something so much more than a depressed superhero. There's a symmetry throughout, right down to the first few pages showing past/present actions at the same location.

Dark Justice is a hero who is torn by his desire to uphold the law while as reconciled with his need for justice. It's a heady combination that plagues even the greatest of heroes and works really well as a plot device for the series. The motivation even makes sense when it comes to Jack Slaughter's involvement, as the deviant decides to play on Dark Justice's sense of morality for a sick enjoyment.

The art by Oliveira is all black and white, but feels very much like a superhero tale. The aforementioned panels showing the different points in time is really well done, giving the reader a sense of both now and then. There are a few really emotional full-page panels that have a good mix of raw nerve and levity.

No More Heroes #4 concludes the series with a satisfying conclusion. It leaves things open for a possible sequel for some of the characters, although it's a good bet that the next arc won't end with a superhero suicide. Black Fury shows why he was a sidekick to Dark Fury for so long, exhibiting some of the same dilemmas as his mentor. Overall, the characters play their parts well in the conclusion of a rather interesting four-issue mini-series.

No More Heroes #4 is available now.