Review - Orius: Sent 2 Kill #1

Female assassins can handle themselves in just about any situation. Typically, they're not created by an alien race with the intent of being leveraged to settle a new planet. That's just the scenario in Orius: Sent 2 Kill #1 from Sea Lion Books.

The first issue is written by Brian Buccellato and David Wohl, with pencils by Pat Lee, inks by Craig Yeung, colors by Genzo, Siyanimation and Pee and letters by PLP.

Orius is a planet that's been bred from war and peace. The two species on the planet previously lived in harmony as the Grey, but there was mistrust between them and the ensuing civil war prompted them to split into the Black and White. Each would have their own part of the planet for living and it wasn't until the planet neared extinction that the two races joined forces again. The fruits of that partnership are Nxy and Zia, two extremely effective female fighters created and bred for battle.

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, Sara is an assistant to Mr. Grogan, one of the most powerful men in the world. She's minder her business just like any other day, until she gets a mysterious call to visit a castle, a call which throws her right in the path of another woman named Nancy. The two find themselves in a dead end surrounded by new "friends," all of whom are encouraging their hasty retreat.

Buccellato and Wohl have taken a rather simplistic plot point in a race struggling to survive and throwing in female assassins, aliens and invasions. The twist lies in Nxy and Zia, the two oddly named assassins who are showing a desire to buck their programming. Their role in the grand scheme of things remains to be seen, but it's likely they have more in common with Sara and Nancy than just being women. The premise is that the Grey need embeds on Earth and these two are likely it. There's really no villain as of yet, so finding a true enemy should be an intriguing story.

Lee's pencils are articulate, showcasing a range of action. No panel is wasted, as every character is shown doing something meaningful with little filler panels. Characters are illustrated with good detail as well, showcasing a good mix of actions throughout. The fact that Yeung's inks appear washed out and grey really helps too, giving the reader something to visually hold on to and allow for further immersion in the tale.

Orius: Sent 2 Kill #1 is off to an interesting start, despite the somewhat simplistic plot to start. Hopefully, some of the politics of the Grey are explored and Mr. Grogan is given more page-time to evidence why he is who he is. Nxy and Zia are the most fascinating parts of the story so far. If they go completely rogue and ignore their programming, things could get a lot crazier and more dangerous for everyone.

Orius: Sent 2 Kill #1 should be available soon.