Review - Princeless Vol. 2 #2

Feistiness in princesses isn't exactly par for the course. Princessess with a penchant for wanting freedom, breaking out and flying around on dragons are something else entirely, with Adrienne one of the best examples.

The issue is written by Jeremy Whitley and illustrated by Emily Martin.

Adrienne and Bedelia continue their quest to find Angelica and free her from being a princess. The bard is in tow as well, showing them the possibility that there's something to life about doing what you love. The traveling trio ends up in a town full with life, shopping and crafts, giving Adrienne something of a surprise at the end.

The trio is seemingly moving in the opposite direction of the King, seeking to find the whereabouts of his missing wife. He shows that he's every bit the warrior that he is the king, handling himself with ease in combat and making decisions. He even shows similarities to one of the other characters tracking Adrienne and Bedelia.

As the second issue in the second volume, things have slowed down a little bit. Whitley gives the reader some time to get to know the king a little better, considering he's at the center of pretty much the entire story in a sense. It's great to see the similarities between him and the tracker, showing that both are capable warriors. He also shows many characteristics shared with Adrienne, which makes sense considering their lineage.

Martin's art continues to impress. There's a lot to be amazed by with the panels and how she handles the variation in scenes. There's a good mix of walking and fighting, both of which Martin manages to illustrate with relative ease. Some of the colors are a little dark at times, making it difficult to discern some of the action, but it's not a deal-breaker or anything.

Princeless Vol. 2 #2 helps flesh out the Princeless universe a bit by giving other characters more time to show themselves. While Adrienne is the star of the show, she's only as good as her supporting cast. The twist at the end will definitely move the story forward in a positive way. The cover even manages to take comic covers to task, keeping with the same strong message the series has delivered to date. It's a great second issue worth ordering.

Princeless Vol. 2 #2 is in Previews now for a March launch.