Review - Son of Merlin #1

Merlin is a truly powerful wizard, assisting King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. He also made his fair share of enemies, the most of powerful being Morgan La fey. The two are destined to clash for eternity and it's their rivalry that forms the basis for Son of Merlin #1 from Image Comics.

The issue is written by Robert Place Napton, with art by Zid and letters by Troy Peteri.

Merlin is in a bad way, seeking to keep his all-powerful diary from the hands of Morgan. As both are extremely powerful wizards, they've both gotten different ideas as to what magic should be used for. Merlin is on the good side, while Morgan is on the bad side. Merlin has a son though and his shock at learning of his lineage is what makes the issue tick.

Napton's concept is actually quite ingenious. Merlin has a history, but offering up an unknowing son really makes things even more interesting. Simon Nubo is skeptical of the news and plays it very aloof. His power is untapped to this point and it's definite that he has some, considering he's the son of Merlin. The curious part of the story is the diary and why everyone seems to be all about it.

Morgan's reasoning for getting it aren't completely clear in the first issue. It's implied that she wants it for the power that it will grant her. Whether or not Simon can use it remains to be seen. The story feels much like Aspen's Charismagic, where a Las Vegas magician learns that he knows actual magic. The concept of learning about powers and past certainly isn't new, but making it about Merlin adds a mystique to it.

Zid's art is very photorealistic. It's almost as if photos were taken of all the panels and then touched up with colors. There's a chalky presence on all the pages, really making the art strong and unique. It doesn't overpower the tale and manages to keep the reader focused on all the magic flying around.

Son of Merlin #1 is a rather innovative concept. The writing moves very quickly and the art is awesome, combining to make an adventurous and creative start to the series. Watching Simon uncover his past and future will make the series worth reading and anytime Morgan La Fey is involved, you know things will be crazy.

Son of Merlin #1 is in stores now with interiors below.


  1. My lCS only got 2 copies in (one of each cover) It was on my pull list but someone else grab both copies. I'm now on the lookout for it. Thanks for the review.


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