PAX East 2013: Frima Studios

Zombies and Nuns. What could theses two things possibly have in common? One is out to destroy life and eat everything in its wake. The other is there to help and save others. The one thing they have in common is that both are the subject of games in the works, courtesy of Frima Studios. At PAX East I had the chance to check out Zombie Tycoon 2 and Nun Attack, both on the PlayStation Vita. While Nun Attack is also on Android and iOS, Zombie Tycoon 2 is only on the PSN and the Vita. Both are fun games that have totally different gameplay styles, yet are easy to pick up and jump right in.

First up, Zombie Tycoon 2. When you hear the title Zombie Tycoon you might have images of games where you create a city or town where zombies are running it or an empire of zombies taking over the world to get other zombies to join in the fight. If that's what you think Zombie Tycoon is about then you're dead wrong (get it?). The gameplay is much more fast paced, enjoyable and hectic. You have a starting mobile base that churns out zombies, but you also get a big monster to help you as you fight and take over buildings in a one-on-one matches against other players to see who can get enough zombies on their side to win.

If you are looking for a fast-paced, fun game, then Zombie Tycoon 2 is one worth picking up. From sneaky spies to shock troops you can get all sorts of zombies with the right buildings taken over. You do have to watch out for random humans on the map, as the other team is looking for you and your base, trying to end you any chance they get. During my time playing Zombie Tycoon 2 I had a few victories with a few defeats, but overall playing was a blast. One of the cooler features about the game is that you can play it on either the Vita or the PlayStation 3, but you can also you can play against each other cross platform. You're given codes for both versions, so you don't have to buy it twice.

Nun Attack is an awesome name for a game. Right now you can enjoy the original on Android and iOS versions for either free of $.99. The gameplay is the touch and drag type, as you unlock more Nuns and better weapons to aid you in fighting the undead hordes of skeletons, werewolves and more that prevent you from bringing peace to the world. This type of gameplay works perfectly on phones and tablets, as the touch screen is super responsive and the combat is simple enough where you can play how you want. I love that there isn’t a big focus on micro-transactions to improve your characters, but earning your way to better guns and more miracles that help you fight the undead.

There's a great balance among the nuns with different strengths and weakness. Some are tough as nails and a slow gun while others have a weaker gun, but can heal. It makes you pick and choose how you want to compose your team of nuns until you get far enough in the game to have a team comprised of all four nuns. Of course by then the game is nice and hard, but you should be leveled up far enough to dish out as much damage as you might take and then some. Nun Attack was a blast to play and I'm definitely looking forwarded to the sequel when it hits.

Frima Studios is definitely on the up and up with Zombie Tycoon 2, Nun Attack, the Nun Attack sequel and a great PlayStation Move party game called Lights, Camera, Party. They're doing some great stuff.