Preview - Judge Dredd: Origins Graphic Novel

Judge Dredd is the law. He's also the jury and executioner. The trifecta is best left to three separate parties, but ultimately, Mega-City One is stuck with Judges to mete out sentences and punishment. His origin is something of an unknown, so it's fortunate to have a book like Judge Dredd: Origins Graphic Novel to fill in the gaps.

The GN is written by John Wagner, with art by Carlos Ezquerra and Kev Walker, letters by Annie Parkhouse and covers by Brian Bolland, tells the story of how the mind-boggling metropolis of Mega-City One was created, how the Judges rose to power under the ‘Father of Justice’ Judge Fargo, and the part played by the most famous Judge of all - Joseph Dredd.

The book hits stores March 20 with interiors below.