Review - The Answer #3

Responding to a question is half the fun. Spending some time exploring the response makes things a tad more exciting. The Answer #3 from Dark Horse Comics is the latest in the miniseries that responds to the question of what it means to have unbridled intelligence.

The third issue is written by Dennis Hopeless, illustrated by Mike Norton, colored by Mark Englert and lettered by Crank!.

Devin McKenzie is living her dream out at the Brain Trust, getting good good, good conversation and untapped use of her intelligence. That comes with a cost though, as being high on "Brain Boost" muddies her perception of what's really going on around here. Meanwhile, the Answer is buried deep within the complex, forced to reconcile his quest to save the day with a damaged nervous system making movement impossible.

Hopeless' tale felt a little static in the second issue, but the third issue really works to keep things moving forward. Devin (thankfully) isn't as oblivious to what's going on around her as the reader's been led to believe to this point. She's starting to see through the haze of the Brain Trust, realizing that maybe the masked superhero named the Answer may not be so crazy after all. The Answer shows he has some past himself, both indicated by one of the members of the facility and the last page reveal.

The art by Norton is well done and complete. It feels a lot like art from The Tick at times, with the Answer himself looking like a character from the work. Norton peppers the pages with a slew of panels, many of them floating and overlaying each other, sort of adding to the craziness at the Brain Trust. There's also some great panels that move along with the story, helping it progress naturally.

With one issue left in the miniseries, the Answer and Devin have some explaining to do. Again, the final reveal is quite intriguing and looks to bring everything together and with the Answer on the prowl, here's hoping he helps achieve his namesake. The book continues the mysterious feel with narrow escapes and brawls mixed in for good measure.

The Answer #3 is in stores March 27 with interiors below.