Review - Lost Vegas #1

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas; even if that happening ends up with something lost, whether it be money or people. Vegas prides itself on its ability to part patrons with their hard-earned money, but in that case, generally the worst those poor, broke individuals are faced with is walking away empty-handed. Quite the opposite in Lost Vegas #1 from Image Comics.

Lost Vegas #1 is written by Jim McCann, illustrated by Janet Lee, colored by Chris Sotomayor and lettered by Dave Lanphear.

Roland is a smooth-talking gambler with a penchant for reading people and using that knowledge to win the big hands. His "methods" are uncovered during one particular high-stakes game, prompting his sentencing to the Lost Vegas. The Lost Vegas is a ship roaming the galaxy and offering gamblers the chance to pay off their debts. The catch? Indentured servitude doesn't really lead to many principal's all interest. Such a scenario has a way of spurring more creative ways of paying off the debt.

There's a lot to like in Lost Vegas, but the strongest feature is the atmosphere. McCann makes sure to include a wide variety of individuals on the Lost Vegas, all gambling their lives away and providing a great backdrop for the concept of the story. The variety adds a universal flavor to the book and really helps emphasize the world Roland inhabits. He's not just going up against mobsters who run casinos; no, he's going against some crazy aliens.

Speaking of Roland, the man is pitched as somewhere between Danny Ocean and Han Solo. He's got the charm and ability to rip off everyone without them knowing, but he's got the occasional bad luck that strikes Han from time to time. He's built a reputation as a smooth-talking gambler, but even that's not enough to get out of every situation. By the end of the first issue, he's definitely upping the stakes so to speak and whether or not he can pull off his latest plan will be fun to find out.

Lee's art is airy and happily presented. There's something of a neon color palette chosen by Sotomayor and Lee really manages to successfully present McCann's supporting cast. There's true creativity in her illustrations, a creativity similar to that of Fiona Staples in Saga. The characters in Lost Vegas #1 are a little friendlier looking, but are completely alien nonetheless. She infuses the story with a sense of beautiful retro that really works.

If you're looking for a fun, adventurous comic, then Lost Vegas #1 might be right up your alley. The pacing is very well-done and moves along very methodically. Roland is very likable as a lead and appears to have the chops to make things happen his way. McCann and Lee are a great team and fans of the spectacular Return of the Dapper Men will definitely want to check out their new collaboration. It's a gorgeous and feisty book that will likely be over way too soon.

Lost Vegas #1 is in stores today with interiors below.