Review - Robyn Hood vs. Red Riding Hood One-Shot

When Red Riding Hood travels to grandma's house, she encounters the Big Bad Wolf. When she travels through Sherwood Forest, she encounters a well-versed archer with a penchant for helping the downtrodden. In Zenescope, when the two meet, it's in a one shot called Robyn Hood vs. Red Riding Hood One-Shot from Zenescope Entertainment.

The one-shot is written by Pat Shand, with pencils by David Cutler and JG Miranda, colors by 3martstudio and lettered by Jim Campbell.

Britney Waters is after Robyn Locksley. Why? That's something of a mystery to both of them, as neither seem to know exactly why they're being pitted against one another. Regardless, Britney stalks her prey until ready to strike, carrying out a battle that spans the city and ends in the hospital. When it's all said and done, both characters have more questions than answers and a respectful rivalry.

Shand wrote the previous Robyn Hood series, introducing her as a character with loose ties to the original character. As such, he knows the character pretty well. Despite that, Robyn Hood vs. Red Riding Hood One-Shot spends most of the issue with little dialogue and a ton of monologue. It's quite interesting actually, as the story is told through the alternating stream of consciousness thoughts of the main characters.

Robyn is new blood in the Zenescope universe, but she seems to have done something which merits the attention of Britney. What that is exactly isn't revealed and promises to lead to more face-offs between the two. The one-shot itself sort of throws the reader right into the thick of it which is somewhat jarring. It's not necessarily bad and the story moves along a very frenetic pace.

The pencils by Cutler and Miranda are strong and not overly sexualized. They handle the action sequences very well and considering Britney is involved, she calls upon all manner of creatures to help her in the battle. The panel layouts are fairly standard, but they're easy to follow and keep up with the story. Since most of the story is introspective, the book could have easily been illustrated in a monotonous manner and, thankfully, it doesn't fall into that trap.

Robyn Hood vs. Red Riding Hood One-Shot is a pretty solid one-shot giving readers insight into one character with a storied history in Zenescope and another up and comer. Robyn proves to be up to the task of matching Britney in combat, something that the latter failed to fully account for. They come to respect each other after the fight and have likely started to forge a strong friendship and camaraderie.

Robyn Hood vs. Red Riding Hood One-Shot is available April 3.