Hank McCoy (Before the Fur)

Looks like a new Wolverine movie is on it’s way out.

You know, I have to say I sort of like that they haven’t given Wolvie a reboot. Hugh Jackman is just so perfect for this role that it’s hard to imagine anyone else.

But for that matter, they haven’t let Wolverine just fall by the wayside either. They even ensured that he cameoed in X-Men: First Class. And since time travel is involved, you can be sure that the ole’ Canucklehead is going to feature in Days of Future Past, which seems interestingly set to tie up--rather than disregard--the plot of the original three X-men films.

I really think X-Men Origins: Wolverine wasn’t a bad movie and I’m glad to see it’s getting a deserved follow-up. Maybe it feels a little fractured and complicated, but gee, isn’t that Wolverine’s life? Sabretooth was as scary as he needed to be and the very loose association with Wade Wilson was a nice touch.
I am REALLY digging the fact that The Wolverine seems to be set in Japan. I sort of love this part of Wolvie’s past; I don’t know why. It’s such a strange clash of cultures. I mean he’s a loud-mouthed, rough drifter from Canada, but there’s something about him that seems to ‘click’ with Japanese culture. It always seems like Wolverine fits in here and that shows you this other side to him and his values that’s really interesting. While he’ll always be an outsider here (which can have consequences- just wait until Wolverine falls in love with Mariko, a plot line I fully expect to be a big part of this movie), he seems to appreciate being able to make his way here.

Not that Wolvie doesn’t run into trouble in Japan. Oh man does he ever.

Now, I’m hoping this movie doesn’t go the way of many other smaller Marvel films and fall apart at the seams. But I think it’ll hold out as long as it stays true to three basic rules about Wolverine chronicles:

1. Tragedy: No matter where he goes, trouble seems to find Wolverine. Things might start of hopeful; he might try to start a new life or even try to put his fighting prowess towards something good. But ultimately, something will take a nasty, tragic turn for him at some point.

2. Manipulation: It won’t be clear who’s doing what and why. Even the people you think you can trust can have a dark side. In the end the only person logan will end up depending on to do the right thing (or as close to it as you can get in the middle of such awful, messy stuff) will be himself.

3. They’ll regret it: Hell hath no fury like a Wolverine scorned. Ninjas, cyborgs, mutants; it won’t matter. Even the Hulk gives pause when Wolvie goes all berserker rage Weapon X style. The sheer fury of Wolverine in a fight levels the villians who tried to use him to the ground and leave them wishing they had never crossed his path. Bub.