Review - Jirni #1

Every pilgrim reaches the end of their journey. It's not the end that people typically pay the most attention to; it's the journey itself. Aspen Comics is offering readers a glimpse at a magical journey in the new series Jirni #1.

The new series is written by J.T. Krul, with illustrations by Paolo Pantalena, colors by Brett Smith and letters by Josh Reed.

Trekking through a violent and dangerous frontier of savage barbarians, devious thieves and wild creatures, a warrior-princess named Ara searches for her mother, who was stolen away from her kingdom by a mysterious sorcerer with the help of his powerful D’jinn. What great and terrible secrets await her in the distant horizon? Prepare to experience an epic tale of fantasy and wonder without boundaries. This is Ara’s quest. This is Ara’s destiny.

Krul's first issue is definitely imaginative. It taps into a vastly creative type of storytelling where Krul conceives of an entire world, rife with politics, magic and travel. Ara is sufficiently capable of handling herself in her quest to find her mother and the D'jinn appears to be a monster. Her quest is unique enough though that the series should be a rather interesting read.

Pantalena's art is very fantastical. Panels are chock full of key players and scenery, with a few of panels showcasing some crazy intense battles. The issue does suffer from some oversexing of some of the characters. In Jirni, all the women are scantily clad and busty, while the men are muscle-bound and burly. The D'jinn is illustrated with an excess of fury, presenting him as a character that will need to be contended with.

Overall, Jirni #1 is worth checking out. It's a new series from Aspen and it's got some promise, relying on a fantasy world that features an interesting main character in Ara. Seeking out her mom will make for an interesting journey and readers will want to make sure they're starting at the beginning. Not only that, but it's an Aspen "10 for 10" book, which means it'll only set you back $1 as well.

Jirni #1 is in stores April 17.