Review - Lost Vegas #2

High stakes gambling is just that: high stakes. What makes those stakes even higher is when your freedom is on the line, as is Roland's in Lost Vegas #2 from Image Comics.

The issue is written by Jim McCann and illustrated by Janet Lee.

Roland is what some folks would call a smooth-talker and it works out well for him. How so? Well, he talks himself out of multiple situations, all giving him time to continue his dry run for escape. Meanwhile, Kaylex takes more than a passing interest in Roland, while at the same time showing she's so much more than just a performer.

What McCann does exceptionally well is write extremely interesting characters. Roland is the hero in the series, but that's putting it extremely loosely. He's a criminal with a debt to pay and is intent on getting off the ship and back into the realm of being free. That's not the only thing he's got to contend with though, as he's now working with a burgeoning relationship with Kaylex, someone who's proving to be a bit more than she appeared at first glance.

Lee continues to illustrated a vivid world full of a wide variety of aliens and creatures. Who else could illustrate a giant stag who's a genius at the same time? Those creatures are bolstered by a smattering of colors, providing a rich world for Roland to move through. Lost Vegas is the Mos Eisley Cantina of comic books and Lee has all the different aliens necessary to show it as a melting pot.

While the first issue established the universe, the second one really advances the story. Roland's chances of breaking out don't really look any better or worse in the second issue, but at the very least he does still have a chance. The aliens filling out the universe really flesh everything out and make for a very interesting world. Roland is very likable as a main character and whether or not he can really talk his way to freedom remains to be seen.

Lost Vegas #2 is in stores today with interiors below.