Review - Snow Angel (One-Shot)

Global warming is a real threat. It's poised to make life inhabitable for much of the world's population and--even worse--prevent snow from falling. When you're a little girl who relies on the snow for your superpowers, that could prove problematic. Snow Angel (One-shot) from Dark Horse is a book focused on just that.

The one-shot is written and illustrated by David Chelsea.

An ordinary little girl has a rather unique power: she can turn into an angel through the snow. That's right. She makes a snow angel that transforms her into an actual angel, giving her what she needs to fight crime and make the world a better place overall. Those crimes include jaywalkers, bike thieves, menacing dogs and a host of others. She even finds time to market specialty snowglobes and cereal, ensuring a lasting brand identity.

The story is unique. The concept of a girl turning into an angel through the use of snow is definitely original and is very creative. Chelsea's story feels a little stilted though, with rough transitions from scene to scene and no overarching narrative. The book is aimed at all ages, so there's a certain flexibility afforded it as--at its core--it's really just about being a kid. Having said that, it might have felt smoother if the story flowed more cohesively.

Chelsea also handles the art, a task which allows for a relatively lax approach. The panels are vaguely illustrated, relying little on detail to convey the story. The style works for the book and infuses it with a certain childishness that one would expect from a little girl who turns into a snow angel to fight crime. Depictions of William Henry Harrison (yes, Harrison) are almost caricatures of the individual himself, but again add to the overall atmosphere.

The one-shot is a quick jaunt into the imagination of a kid and it's an enjoyable one. The story feels a little disjointed, but it is an all-ages book. Chelsea is a frequent contributor to Dark Horse Presents and clearly knows what he's doing, making the book one worth checking out.

Snow Angel (One-Shot) is in stores April 3 with interiors below.