Defense With The BoomStick

(Defense With The BoomStick Disclaimer: This post is an ongoing story set in a world where zombies have taken over and people are fighting to survive anyway they can. Originally it was a post of news and tips to help survivors make it one more day alive, but now it has became a story of my fight to survive and to keep on living.)

It’s been a few days, but I'm beginning to think I'm not going to make it out of Flagstaff alive. I didn’t even mean to go into the city, but I was driven there by all manners of zombies, other survivors and circumstances that pushed me in that direction.

I was upstairs in a house in one of the numerous suburbs of Flagstaff (at least one of the suburbs that didn’t burn down) rummaging through a closet. Digging in the back I found some ammo boxes and a 9mm that I'm guessing someone didn’t have the time to grab when I heard this awful noise outside. Keeping on my hands and knees, I made my way towards the windows and slowly peeked out at the street. Down on the street I saw a guy being set upon by a pack of ten zombies.

They were just tearing into the guy as he screamed bloody murder, with me watching and not able to do anything to help. All I knew was I had to get out of there while those zombies were distracted with that poor man meal. I snuck out of the bedroom, down the stairs and out the back door, making sure the backyard was clear before I busted out the back and over the fence into the next yard.

Jumping over that fence and taking a shortcut was a one bad move.

I landed on top of a zombie that was just sitting in the grass, throwing me into a pitched battle with the fiend. Taking him out was a bit of a challenge, but I did get the upper hand and dispatched him. Unfortunately for me, the noise of the fight brought about more trouble then I needed. I was resting for a minute when a few other zombies who where lurking in this back shed came shambling out after me. That got me up and through a gate into an alley between houses. Once again from one bad situation to another as the alley had numerous zombies shambling around, now coming towards me.

I spent the rest of that day running for my life from one batch of zombies or another. Always more and more appearing out of nowhere at times, which reminded me why I just don't go near cities at all. I got about five hours of sleep over a span of two days as I just had to keep moving constantly until I got the point of finding a building that was completely shut off and out of reach from zombies. I've been here ever since, biding my time to wait and see if things are gonna clear up a bit before I make a run for it.

During the course of my running to this place I did see a few other survivors out and about, but they were not looking to make new friends. They tried to kill me for the gear I had as much as the zombies were trying to kill me for the food I am. When zombies take over the world you would figure people would stick together, but years in this world will make anyone look out for themselves. I don’t blame them, but then again I don’t blame myself for wounding one of them and using them as a distraction to get out of that situation.

Man I'm tired. Need sleep. Have to keep vigilant. Survive.