Review - 7 Percent #3

If (probably when) humans learn to tap into the full potential of their brains, things will get crazy. Like intergalactic space fighting and power struggles crazy, like in 7 Percent #3.

The issue is written by Luke Keith and Jeremy Fiest, with art by Jarreau Wimberly and letters by Kel Nuttall.

034 has returned to Stone Corp., fresh off having his mind awakened. Obviously, his superiors aren't too keen on that, as it affords him the opportunity to question his allegiances. That questioning plays a part down the road, as 034 is taken by Cole for a second assault to get the Psion Machine. Naturally, when a super-soldier starts asking questions, things don't work out so well for the creators of said super-soldier.

The story by Keith and Fiest started off with a lot of promise, presenting the concept of humans tapping into the full potential of their minds. By the third issue, that tale is more or less become one of an oppressed group fighting against a larger corporation. Obviously, the 7 percent thing still plays a part, but it's a little unclear as to what the ultimate meaning of the Psion Machine is. 034 isn't quite following orders anymore and that's obviously going to play a bigger role down the road.

Wimberly's art is actually pretty strong. His style really gives each panel to one character, spending little time offering the reader large sweeping landscapes or more detailed settings. It's an interesting choice that makes sure the reader knows that characters are who important in the book. There are some pages that seem excessively dark, which could be attributed to the copy reviewed or that's just how it is.

7 Percent #3 is nearing the halfway point of the series and everything is shaping up for a grander war. The Psion Machine is what everyone wants and everyone wants it for different reasons. There are a few typos in the issue that aren't too glaring, but show that maybe the next issue should probably have another set of eyes looking at it.

7 Percent #3 is available now.