Review - Princeless Volume 2 #3

What's a princess who hate being treated like a princess to do when rescuing a princess who does like being treated as a princess? Make your best case to save them and then deal with the fallout of course. That's just the case in Princeless Volume 2 #3 from Action Lab Entertainment.

The third issue is written by Jeremy Whitley, illustrated by Emily Martin, colored by Brett Grunig and lettered by Dave Dwonch.

Adrienne is continuing on her quest to find and rescue her sisters, all "imprisoned" by the king in various towers. What she finds when encountering her sister Angelica is something slightly unexpected; that is, Angelica enjoys being a princess. What ensues is some interesting revelations, fighting and surprise entrant into the foray. Meanwhile, the King continues his pilgrimage to investigate the Black Knight, with his travels taking him to visit the elves.

Whitley's tale continues to move along at a great pace. The breath of fresh air in this issue is that Adrienne seems to have finally met an obstacle she couldn't talk or fight her way out of. That's not to say she's been this unstoppable force until now, but her facing off with the warrior and failing was a nice humanization of her as a character. It shows that she does have the determination to see her quest through, but that there are some people who can still stop her. Angelica's attitude towards being a princess was also interesting, as it provided a great foil to Adrienne in terms of enjoying their lots in life.

Martin's art is playful and effective. She does a great job showcasing the battles and action, while still maintaining the joviality of the tale. On the flipside, the forest scenes with the King and the elves are a little bit darker, presenting a less than cheery environment for those characters. It's a great contrast with the scenes in Angelica's town, which is one of friendliness and daily routine. The two settings are well done and help to flesh out the world in Princeless.

Princeless Volume 2 #3 is just the latest issue in a series that maintains a fun atmosphere while also offering insight into women empowerment. Adrienne is learning that not everything will go her way (despite being a princess herself) and that not everyone will agree with her. It's those two things that make her human and her quest continues in spite of them.

Princeless Volume 2 #3 should be in stores soon.