Review - Robyn Hood Wanted #1

The finest archers in the land have a tendency to place arrows where they want them. They can hit the bullseye from anywhere and in any place. Sometimes though, the bullseye is placed on them and it makes for interesting reading. That means that Robyn Hood Wanted #1 from Zenescope Entertainment should be an interesting read.

The issue is written by Pat Shand, illustrated by Larry Watts, colored by Nick Filardi and lettered by Jim Campbell.

The kingdom of Bree is still reveling in its newfound freedom, courtesy of Robyn. She singlehandedly gave the peasants the freedom of, well, freedom and her legend lives on as a liberator. Meanwhile, Robyn herself is seeking answers (and is on the lam), the combination of both taking her to visit her estranged father. Things don't go as well as planned and by the end of the issue, Robyn finds herself in yet another sticky predicament.

At this point, Shand is going full-steam with Robyn. He's really handled the character well and readers don't need to have read the previous volume to get a full grasp of what's happening. Robyn is still going through a lot of difficulty with her life on Earth, despite being hailed as a hero on Bree. The issue is paced very well, but there are a few instances where it feels as if Shand is giving away too much information. That's not a bad thing, although some of the dialogue and story is presented a little bluntly and doesn't give the reader much room to make inferences. Again, this is fine, because clearly Shand knows where he wants the story to go.

Watts art is strong and really puts the reader in Robyn's world. Characters are illustrated effectively and stand out in the panels. The outlines are bold and really accent the players in the book. The full-page panel reveal of the villain at the end really stands out, giving readers a glimpse into Robyn's future. The issue isn't excessively action-packed, but Watts does well with the action that is featured in the book.

Robyn is an interesting character and it looks like she'll be needed in Bree again before long. Her time on Earth continues to be trying and not even Bree will be an escape for her now. Shand and Watts are a great team, working together very effortlessly to present a solid book. It's a five-issue miniseries and if the first issue is any indication, the series should be fun to read.

Robyn Hood Wanted #1 should be in stores now with interiors below.