Review - The Accelerators #1

Time travel is one of science's mysteries, yet to be solved in 2013. What if it had been solved and made possible, only the solution already happened in 1965? How long would it take people to realize that time travel was possible? Blue Juice Comics tackles that idea in The Accelerators #1.

The issue is written by R.F.I. Porto, with illustrations by Gavin P. Smith, colored by Tim Yates and lettered by Crank!.

Lex is a doctor with quite possibly the only donut better than one from Krispy Kreme and that's one that affords her the ability to travel through time. Not anytime though; only forward in time. As such, she's jumping further and further into the future to escape a pursuer who wants to destroy the donut and all her research. Apparently, further in the future, gladiatorial games are staged, bringing together all manner of warrior from a variety of eras.

Porto offers a somewhat fresh take on an older concept. Time travel has definitely seen its fair share of stories, but making one where characters can only move forward adds a built-in layer of restriction. Unfortunately, little is revealed about Lex as a character, such as why she's being chased, how the device was created or even why it was created. Granted, this is a first issue and there's plenty of room for the story to unfold; there just doesn't seem to be much in the way of details that really grab the reader.

Smith's art is appropriate for the story, finished with a sheen of sorts that fits. Most of the issue features Lex running, which Smith handles very well. The book is packed to the brim with panels though, with some pages numbering upwards of eight panels. Such busy pages sort of distracts from the story and isn't entirely on Smith. The time travel effects literally looks electric, helping to reinforce the notion that the characters are flinging themselves through time at a rapid pace.

From a series standpoint, The Accelerators looks to be headed towards the battle aspect, pitching the different warriors against one another. The first issue really just tells the reader that time travel into the future is possible without further expanding upon the notion. Again, the story will likely unfold as it progresses, but the first issue really doesn't say a whole lot about the series in general.

The Accelerators #1 is available now via comiXology.