Review - Homemade Heroes #3

At the end of the day, superheroes are just like everyone else. The only difference? They have something that makes them special, but it's not something that necessarily makes them different. Homemade Heroes #3 is a book that looks at such heroes and their daily trials and tribulations.

The third issue is written and illustrated by Russ Walton under the Grim Rascal Presents pseudonym.

The series maintains the presentation found in the previous two issues, relying on a strips and short stories to populate the world of Homemade Heroes. All of the heroes in the book showcase a side that's heroic, but also a side that's a little more human. It's the intersection of those two personas where you'll find the bulk of the material in Homemade Heroes #3.

The shorts are glimpses into a world of strange friendships and even stranger characters. Walton has definitely ratcheted up the crudeness in this issue, offering somewhat harsher language and more "adult" situations. It's nothing that's overly dramatic though and the book still maintains something of an general appeal to all readers. It manages to poke fun at the capes genre of comics while also taking a few jabs at humanity as well.

The art continues to be solid and is taken further by the simple black and white finish. Characters are cleanly illustrated, with Walton infusing the work with something of a graffiti look to the finished pages. There's also an abundance of lettering sound effects on display which ensure that the reader doesn't miss a beat.

Homemade Heroes #3 is more of a collection of stories than anything, but they're entertaining. They poke fun at some our fallacies as humans and they do so in a way that's not really self-righteous. It's an entertaining and amusing book that's worth checking out.

Homemade Heroes #3 is available now. Check out Grim Rascal's Facebook page for more information.