Review - Minor Acts of Heroism #1

"Simon! Where are your pants?!"

It's a phrase uttered by countless parents towards their children on more than one occasion. Usually, invoking such a statement indicates mischief on the part of the child, which is exactly what Simon finds himself in throughout the entirety of Minor Acts of Heroism #1.

The issue is written and illustrated by by Adriana Ferguson and Kristen Van Pam.

Simon has just met Sergio, nephew of a creepy house's owner named Julius. Simon's step-dad Bradley leaves Simon and Sergio alone in the house to "deal with stuff," prompting the two kids to better explore the creepy confines they find themselves in. Meanwhile, the stuff the adults are dealing with happens to look like one thing but quickly becomes something else entirely. By the end of the issue, everyone has a few secrets revealed and more cards are thrown onto the table.

Ferguson and Van Pam have crafted and enjoyable and well-paced comic about kids. They manage to make a book about superheroes and kids work very well, primarily by effectively showcasing what makes a kid a kid: curiosity. Simon's no-holds barred attitude towards exploration is counterbalanced very nicely by Sergio's more reserved nature, creating an interesting dichotomous approach to the creepy house. The adults are dealing with things on a much larger scale and the way the story brings the children and adults on a collision course towards the end makes for a satisfying payoff in the first issue.

Ferguson's pencils are very much manga inspired. They move with an almost effortless grace that helps the book flow very well; almost as if you're watching an anime even. Panels aren't stacked against one another, giving them each a chance to stand on their own and stand out on the pages. Van Pam handles the colors and inks and she does a great job accentuating the pencils. The house is littered with drab tones, underscoring the creep factor.

Superheroes as everyday people is quickly becoming a new staple of the genre and more books are involving kids in those scenarios. Minor Acts of Heroism #1 does so in a way that's both entertaining and enjoyable, offering up an interesting coming of age story of sorts. Simon and Sergio's adventure proves to be quite the catalyst for family secrets to be revealed and it will be interesting to see where the creative team goes next with the work.

Minor Acts of Heroism #1 is available now via comiXology with interiors below.