Review - Next Testament #1

A splash of color is often enough to make any room a lot less boring. When color splashes you, well, the results aren't quite as decorative and may be a lot more violent. Which version of color splashing do you think Clive Barker will rely on in Next Testament #1 from BOOM! Studios.

The issue is written by Clive Barker and Mark Miller, with art by Haemi Jang and letters by Steve Wands.

Mr. Desmond is an entrepreneur, who uses his wealth to throw lavish ceremonies, raise his children and search the world for rare, religious artifacts. Fortunately for him, he manages to find the one he was looking for. Unfortunately for the rest of Earth, the artifact he found contained Wick, the Father of Colors. Wick wants only one thing since awakening: an offering and the chance to announce himself.

Barker's first issue moves pretty briskly considering the fact that it seems little happens. That's a little deceiving though, considering the entirety of the series is set up thanks to Mr. Desmond's fevered digging and treasure hunting. Wick is sufficiently frightening primarily based on the last page of the issue, showing to the reader that he intends to scorch the Earth in order to achieve his goal. Mr. Desmond comes across as a little fanatical which works for the book, but his children Tristan and Elspeth seem to be cut from a different cloth.

Jang's art is pretty ho-hum until Wick is shown. Most of the issue is an overweight Mr. Desmond without a shirt, which isn't exactly the most appealing sight in the world. Wick on the other hand is technicolor coat, illustrated with a body similar to that of Dr. Manhattan, only more colors than just blue. There's one particular full-page panel that's very simplistic while also foreboding, offering the reader a glimpse into how dark this series may get.

Barker knows horror and while this book doesn't appear to be sheer terror, there's definitely potential for some bad things to happen. Wick is frightening and has no regard for the safety of anyone around him. Mr. Desmond shares a similar mindset, only without the immense powers. Tristan and Elspeth will play a much larger role down the road for sure (despite their rather brief appearance in the first issue) and whether or not the world can handle Wick remains to be seen.

Next Testament #1 is in stores now with interiors below.