Review - Princeless Vol. 2 #4

"As for me, it's been my burden to be the beautiful sister."

Siblings tend to act differently based on their position in the children "pecking order." The oldest are typically one way while the youngest is another, but only when there's X siblings. It's a complicated and strange dynamic that always makes for interesting stories, stories set to conclude in Princeless Vol. 2 #4 from Action Lab Entertainment.

The issue is written by Jeremy Whitley, with art by Emily Martin, colors by Kelly Lawrence and letters by Dave Dwonch.

Angelica is the beautiful one, as it's told by her personally. She's got a rather unique look at the remainder of her sisters, placing each of them in a specific class that accents their strengths. One of those specifics included a series of curses placed on Angelica, prompting her to be blessed (cursed?) with a spectral guardian to watch over her. It's that guardian that makes life tough for the newfound trio of women on the run.

Whitley's lost nothing in the conclusion of the second volume. While the issue doesn't boast as much of the wayfaring as the previous issues, it does offer a rather satisfying conclusion to the volume. That's what's very satisfying about the issue in that it affords Adrienne the chance to get some resolution while at the same time advancing the overall story arch itself. Angelica infuses the tale with her point of view, showing that it's different than that of Adrienne in many ways.

Martin's art continues to be an excellent compliment to the writing. The ghost lion looks truly terrifying at times and Martin does a great job of showing why it's a force to be reckoned with. Many of the early pages show sort of a family genealogy, replete with fancy trim full of pomp and circumstance. Bedelia gets some quality action shots as well and it's nice to see the physical differences between the two sisters.

Princeless Vol. 2 #4 wraps things up quite nicely. Adrienne gets a sense of accomplishment and Angelica finds a greater purpose. Like the first volume's end, this issue gives the overarching narrative breathing room and the opportunity to move forward in future volumes. The story continues to be an enjoyable read that fires on all cylinders and leaves the reader waiting for more.

Princeless Vol. 2 #4 should be in stores later this month.