Review - Skyward #2

"He had nowhere to run."

The life of a witness is quite troublesome indeed. They've seen something they probably didn't want to see in the first place and sometimes, the people they see committing the action don't like that there's a witness. This necessitates a series of actions to stop the witness from recounting the events, including a chase through a forest in Skyward #2 from Action Lab Entertainment.

The second issue is written and illustrated by Jeremy Dale, with colors by Steve Downer and letters by Thom Zahler.

Abigail and Jon are childhood friends, although "friend" may be too strong a word. They're actually the children of some fairly important people (including the Town Regent) and it's on a friendly scouting trip through the woods that things get dangerous. They uncover more details regarding the events of the first issue, including the possible whereabouts of Quinn and his dog Jack.

Dale keeps the atmosphere going in Skyward #2, creating a setting where the forest is home to dangerous creatures and people hunt to stay alive. It's a feeling that adds a sense of lawlessness to the world, provoking the thought that anything can (and will happen). The inclusion of Herod's guests add a sort of magical feel to the book, furthering the imaginative approach to the storytelling. The second issue continues the questing aspect introduced in the first issue, with all the characters seeming to move along towards completing a certain objective.

Dale's art is just as good as the first issue. Characters have an anime feel to them and the environments are well illustrated, again immersing the reader more fully in the world. Some of the faces lack some detail, but it works for the type of book Skyward is. There are a few pages where Dale relies on stacking panels and insets to break up the pages a bit and they're welcome artistic interruptions to keep the book moving along.

If you liked the first issue of Skyward, you'll continue to enjoy the second issue. An overarching story is starting to take shape and Quinn looks like he'll be a big part of it. Abigail and Jon are poised to be unlikely heroes while Herod shows there's someone else he fears who doesn't like mistakes. All the characters are moving around each other with an expected collision course at some point.

Skyward #2 is listed in this months issue of Diamond Previews (Diamond Order Code JUN130710) and is currently available for pre-order at your local comic retailer or many online vendors.