Review - Ten Grand #2

A man would do anything for a few more minutes with his love. Even if that anything is dying and a few more minutes numbers five. It's a scenario that makes for interesting reading and is the tale of Ten Grand #2.

The issue is written by J. Michael Straczynski, illustrated by Ben Templesmith and lettered by Troy Peteri.

Joe Fitzgerald continues his investigation on the case he's recently taken. That investigation takes him to a grimy club with an evil demon called a Fleshist who seems to want to tweak Joe and his situation. Their back and forth gives Joe something else to work with and even leads him into a trap that gives others more insight into his love. Things are only going to get more heartbreaking for Joe, thanks to an angel who never lies.

Straczynski continues to write a tale filled with despair and sadness. Joe is only doing things to spend five minutes with his love, even dying repeatedly and sacrificing everything for those few minutes. There are demons being put in his way that prove to be more and more capable of inflicting pain on him that he wouldn't expect. Straczynski ensures that Ten Grand deals in nothing but hatred; something that really makes the book completely work as one about demons vying for lives.

Templesmith's art is equally as grimy as the writing. The Fleshist is a slimy, disfigured monster who's unapologetic about his way of life. There's a seer at the beginning of the book who can only see with the Second Sight and his presentation is terrifying. The panels that stand out the most however are those with Joe and his love, as Templesmith includes a counter that helps ground the reader and recognize how quickly five minutes goes by. The full-page panel features so many good emotions that you know they won't last and it's a testament to Templesmith's talents that he can offer such a dichotomy.

Ten Grand #2 isn't a comic you read to feel better. It trades in sadness and being demoralized, using both to make Joe Fitzgerald out to be a truly unfortunate individual. There's a larger plot unfolding to possibly take him out of the game and--believe it or not--things look like they will get worse for Joe. With the second issue though, things are definitely looking good for the reader as the series is shaping up very nicely.

Ten Grand #2 is available now with interiors below.