Review - BubbleGun #2

"Looks alive to me. Maybe he's just a really expensive hard drive."

Making high-risk deliveries never seems to end as expected. Typically, the packages have some twist to them that gives the pursuers cause for concern and their lives. Luckily, the crews in BubbleGun #2 from Aspen Comics can handle a little curveball.

The issue is written by Mark Roslan, illustrated by Mike Bowden, colored by David Curiel and lettered by Josh Reed.

After the events of the first issue, the team of thieves is a little surprised at their payoff. What they find in the container is something both awe-inspiring and frightening, so much so that it forces Devyn to seek answers from their employer Theon. What they learn is that the package is of some emotional significance, the result of high pressure from Inotech after his original plans were stolen by cyberpunks such as the team’s own Zuse. Answers leads to revelations and more excitement in the second issue.

Roslan is moving the series along at a frenetic pace. It's not so fast that you lose track of anything, but it's definitely fast and furious. The relationship between Devyn and Molli gets more attention in the issue, providing the reader with a fixed point to hold on to amidst the craziness. There's a nice twist thrown in with Asher as well, blending what starts as a heist story with elements of sci-fi and human cyborg relations. The continued competition between the two "teams" is also proving to make for some exciting action.

Bowden's art is great. The characters stand out exceptionally well against the settings, with all of them illustrated with an almost over-exaggeration--and that's a good thing. The flashbacks are illustrated effectively to ensure the reader is keeping up with the current time. There's also some great action shots that Bowden handles with ease, demonstrating high-speed chases and fight scenes.

As a new series BubbleGun is really getting good. It's paced very quickly, but not so fast that you lose track of the action. The characters are all clearly establishing their stakes in the game and those stakes seem to be pretty high, all things considered. Still though, the characters are fascinating and the story is really starting to escalate. BubbleGun #2 is a step in the right direction and is definitely worth checking out.

BubbleGun #2 is in stores now with interiors below.