Review - Kodoja Terror Mountain Showdown #3

What do you do with a massive monster that's out of control? Do everything in your power to reign him in of course. Naturally, things don't work out as well as you'd think and things escalate. Quickly. Where that escalation goes is on display in Kodoja Terror Mountain Showdown #3.

The issue is written by Keith Foster and illustrated by Rory Smith.

Kodoja is still on the rampage, only he's taken to the depths to hide. Finding him has proven quite difficult for Major General Cruz, but it's still a primary objective of the good Major. Meanwhile, Mercury Velez is working to assuage fears of the world by placing the massive monsters in historical context. What it ends up doing though is really just showing even more monsters appearing and looking to wreak havoc.

Foster's story moves along with an even pace. This is the third issue in five and Kodoja is being presented as possibly something that could turn out to help those who created him, as opposed to making life impossible for everyone on Earth. There's an interesting dynamic with Mercury and a doctor, as the two seem to have a history, but both of them can be the answer to impending monster problem. By the end of the issue, things look a lot worse for everyone involved, but Kodoja offers a glimpse of promise.

Illustrations are rife with harsh hashmarks and basic ink lines. The book might have been better served if it was a bit more fleshed out and colored, but there are some panels where the basic illustration style really works for the book. Kodoja's appearances are a little difficult to make out at times though, primarily because of the art style used for the work. It's definitely a unique approach to the style and one that brings with it both good and bad.

With Pacific Rim hitting theaters recently, there's been a resurgence in Kaiju tales. Kodoja Terror Mountain Showdown #3 is the latest in a new series that predated the film, but both of them play into the mythos of the giant monster wreaking havoc. Kodoja may have a little bit of Godzilla in him though, offering his services for a price to be named later. Where the series goes for the last two issues remains to be seen, but the direction could be a fun one for readers.

Kodoja Terror Mountain Showdown is available now.