Review - Uninvasion #1

"Never mind evacuating the hangar bay, I just evacuated my lunch!"

Aliens have to deal with some of the same things humans do, including inept employees and employees who are too smart for their own good. It's an organizational flaw, but one that still bears handling by superiors. Even the superiors have difficulty controlling things and Univasion #1 is a story that highlights those difficulties.

The issue is written and created by James Dilworth.

Pilot Ineptus lives up to his name when it comes to piloting spaceships. Professor Imperitus is something of a genius who has a slight difficulty in getting things to work as well as they should. Together, they're the dumbest and smartest of an alien civilization, recently on the lam thanks to the reactions of Captain Virtus and the Emperor.

A quick read through of Uninvasion #1 offers up a story that's very succinct, but fun at the same time. Ineptus and Imperitus are presented as foils in a sense that one is brilliant and the other isn't so much. There's a joviality in the dialogue that keeps things a little lighthearted, despite the seriousness of their "crimes." The characters all fall into stereotypes, but they work for the purpose of the book. It's definitely got an odd couple feel to it that will likely lead to some hijinx down the road.

Dilworth also handles the art, relying on black and white illustrations for the entire issue. They're very detailed illustrations though and could easily have been colored as well, but the basic illustrations really add something to the book. His characters have great detail and live in panels that are fairly simplistic and all are the familiar look of aliens that everyone has known.

Uninvasion #1 is a book that's slightly out there, but in a positive way. With Imperitus and Ineptus on the lam, it remains to be seen how those in power will react. Watching the pursuit will be rather interesting as well. Fans of books like Atomic Robo may find something fascinating in the pages of this book. It's very tightly written and easy to follow, with strong art to support the story.

Uninvasion #1 is available now at comiXology.