Preview - Nemesis The Warlock: Deviant Edition

To be a deviant you have to be a special type of mischievous. Nemesis the Warlock has a handle on that mischief, bringing that mayhem to 2000 AD. The publisher is now planning to bring some of that mayhem to readers in the all-new Nemesis the Warlock: Deviant Edition, written by Pat Mills, illustrated by Kevin O'Neill, Jesus Redondo and Ian Stead and lettered by Steve Potter, Tony Jacob.

In the far future, Earth’s citizens live deep in the bowels of the Earth and in constant fear of their leader - the diabolically evil Torquemada. But one being leads the resistance to Torquemada’s despotic rule - the legendary alien freedom fighter, Nemesis the Warlock. Insane, visceral, mind-blowingly imaginative, political, satirical, and unlike any comic before or since - Nemesis the Warlock is one of 2000 AD’s most successful and famous characters by two of its greatest creators.

The book is in stores now for $34.99 with interiors below.