Preview - Ordinary #1

Believe or not, Dredd really wasn't that bad of a movie. Granted, the story itself was very condensed and there was some cheesy acting, but Karl Urban and friends did a great job re-establishing the universe on-screen. 2000AD is picking up right where they left off in the film with Ordinary #1.

Written by Rob Williams and illustrated by D'Israeli, Ordinary #1 features a world where one day everyone on the planet woke up with superpowers? Except one. Middle-aged divorcee plumber Michael Fisher is from Queens, New York. And has just become THE most ordinary man in the world. But superpowers don’t lead to utopia - suddenly every argument, every slight, every crime on the planet leads to massive loss of life, and it soon becomes clear that a cure needs to be found for this plague if humanity is to survive. And the cure is inside Michael, who quickly becomes the most wanted man on the planet.

The book is in stores now with interiors below.