Review - Hurry: Adventures of the Rabbitoid Knight #1

"A single Cray, undefended, can kill thousands, burn cities and destabilize entire continents."

Rabbits can be fierce when they want to be. Rabbit knights can definitely be fierce and will gladly step up to the challenge when it comes to saving the universe. Hurry is one of them and his adventures are on full display in Hurry: Adventures of the Rabbitoid Knight #1.

The epilogue is written and illustrated by Don Garvey and Mike Connelly.

Whenever an evil threatens the universe, there's a race or group of warriors who step up to save the day. In this case, it just so happens to be Ollie and Hurry, two Rabbitoid Knights who are the latest in a legacy of Knights known for defeating Mother, an evil who tore across the solar systems. She used her own creations--the Cray--to decimate peoples, but after her defeat, the Cray decided to keep on destroying.

Rabbits usually don't get much love when it comes to comics (save for Usagi Yojimbo), yet Hurry: Adventures of the Rabbitoid Knight #1 does just that. Ollie and Hurry are two proud Rabbitoid Knights who are fighting to eliminate the last of the Cray. The first issue is fairly fast-paced and briskly brings the reader up to speed on the history of the Rabbitoid Knights. How they square off against the Cray will be rather interesting and could make for an intriguing series.

Garvey and Connelly also handle art duties and the art is crisp. There's a stop-motion feel to the work, where characters seem to stand out from the backgrounds as if they're cutouts. The Rabbitoid Knights are anthropomorphized and are believable as fighters defending the universe. There's not a lot of action shots in the work, but there's definitely potential for some great action panels down the road. Plus, any time you can illustrate rabbits fighting with martial art styles, you know it's got to be decent.

Hurry: Adventures of the Rabbitoid Knight #1 is an interesting work that offers a new take on the old favorite of a the fight against universe devouring being. At the conclusion of the first issue, there's one Cray the Knights are after, but it's a little too easy to think that Mother is completely gone. It'll be nice to see the Knights in action to see what they're truly capable of, as opposed to just seeing a quick look at their origin and ascension to protector status.

Hurry: Adventures of the Rabbitoid Knight #1 is available now via comixology.